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Beyond Barriers

Kidz Koaching School Year

Kidz Koaching School Year

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2 days per week

                           School Year

                       Can pick any two days

                   between Monday-Thursday


$150 per week


Skill development: Kidz Koaching provides opportunities for kids to learn new skills such as swimming, self-regulation, or skating.

Socialization: Kidz Koaching allow kids to meet and interact with children from different backgrounds, helping them develop social skills and make new friends.

Independence: Kidz Koaching offers kids a chance to spend time away from home, allowing them to develop independence and self-confidence.

Outdoor activities: Kidz Koaching provides opportunities for kids to participate in outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, and camping, encouraging them to appreciate and enjoy nature.

Fun and relaxation: Kidz Koaching provides a break from the stresses of everyday life, allowing kids to relax and enjoy various activities in a safe and supervised environment.

By participating in the program kids will gain skills needed for everyday life. They will leave with a sense of purpose which will help them reach their goals and improve their lives. They will also learn the importance of healthy living and social responsibility and how they can a productive member of their community. Overall, kids enrolled develop in ways that will help them succeed.

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